Integrity Engineering Services

Integrity Engineering is a term applied to the designing orders related with the plan, confirmation and check works that guarantee an item, interaction, or framework meets its proper and proposed necessities under expressed working conditions. Utilization of these orders ought not unfavourably sway a program, yet ought to truth be told limit cost, timetable, specialized and lawful dangers and improve the general life cycle cost. Asset Integrity is a term that identifies with the interaction that improves operational dependability, security and resource insurance while simultaneously assisting with amplifying plant execution and relieve the consistent difficulties and dangers confronting hefty businesses like Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Nuclear. It is likewise considered as the order and calling of gaining and applying logical, numerical, monetary, social, legitimate and common-sense information to the confirmation, and check works that guarantee an item, cycle, or framework meets (and is meeting) its suitable and expected wellbeing, lawful and business requirement(s).

Facility Management these days use these two systems of resource the executives as tool kit for organization support program. Many actually have a blended comprehension between the term of integrity and reliability, like material reliability, structural integrity, equipment reliability, asset integrity, etc. This composing attempt to consider the distinction and similitudes of the two methodology:

Integrity Engineering Case

Means the capacity of materials, supplies, and designs to withstand applied burden against the deformity from assembling, creation, and development or harm brought about by its presentation or on the grounds that the cooperation with climate.

Reliability Engineering Case

Means Probability of equipments, machineries, or systems will perform their required functions satisfactorily under specific condition within a certain time period or the duration of probability of failure-free performance under the stated conditions.

EAST Indonesia provided Integrity Engineering services in width range of scope, we realize that cross knowledge from one or some Integrity Engineering activities might can be apply proporsional to get most better of quality result.

EAST indonesia can help you to support Integrity Engineering services as representative in Engineering, Quality, and Safety work of project owner or contractor with scope of services:

  • On-stream / Off-stream inspection, Turn-around Inspection Services and Asset Integrity / Remaining Life Assessment of plant facilities by API Authorized Plant Inspectors as per relevant codes
  • Asset Integrity Engineering / Management Services
  • FFS Consultancy, Equipment Re-rating & Certification Services by Experienced Engineers & API Inspectors
  • Corrosion Control Solutions for solving corrosion related issues and providing independent system solutions by Experienced and NACE Certified processionals in Power plant, Refinery, Petro-Chemical, Oil & Gas and Pipelines
  • Material Selection / Corrosion & Coating Study Consulting Services
  • Our experienced team will assist you in Implementation of Risk Based Inspection & Pipeline Integrity Management in your organization.
  • Support services for Implementation of Integrity Management software
  • Reliability Engineering